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After 1990, the use of existing old landfills in the reorganization of the waste management and the guarantee for safe disposal was indispensable. After hundreds of landfills had been quickly closed, the remaining 68 landfills represented the backbone of Brandenburg’s waste management.

Initially, the landfill kept being the central method of disposal. However, from 1992 on, since waste balances have been issued in Brandenburg, the landfilled waste quantities could have been continuously reduced from four to about half a million tons. Especially accountable for this development are besides the waste prevention both the recovery of waste and the residual waste treatment practiced since 2005, mainly taking place in Brandenburg by material flow related waste management.

In total, the Federal State has over 700 waste recovery and treatment systems. Yet the deposition of the remaining waste is effected state-wide in only eight landfills. In the meantime, the waste management in Brandenburg is also contributing significantly to climate and resources protection due to increasing recycling, producing high-quality substitute fuels from waste fractions with high heating values, landfilling exclusively low-reactive waste as well as the acquisition and proportionate use of landfill gas at over 50 landfills.

The supreme waste authority is the Ministry, the Supreme Authority of the State Office for Environment. Lower waste management authorities are represented by the counties and cities. The obligation of the public waste disposal is also embodied by the counties and cities or by special purpose associations that were founded by these authorities. Since 1995, the disposal of hazardous waste is controlled by one central body, the special waste society “Sonderabfallgesellschaft Brandenburg/ Berlin mbH” (abbreviated form SBB). In addition to a number of other waste management tasks, SBB is also responsible for the authorization and monitoring of all cross-border waste transports.


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