Immission Control and Climate


Immission control - that means protection from harmful environmental effects (air pollutants, noise, light, vibration, odours, etc.), this means the monitoring of air quality and the control of environmental noise as well as the approval and supervision of industrial plants. The legal framework for this is set by the Federal Immission Control Act – BImSchG, in short. The BImSchG shall ensure that standards and norms based on scientific criteria area applicable nationwide and uniform upon approving and monitoring installations. Affected are almost all areas of life - the home fireplace, the wind turbine in the field or the plant next door. Building anew o rebuilding is solely given upon BImSchG approval. The purpose of surveillance is to ensure that facilities operate in a manner that meets all requirements for the protection of the public and the environment.

The highest immission control authority is the Ministry, Upper Immission Control Authority and thus in many cases also approval authority is the National Office for Environment. Immission control tasks are carried out by the environmental and regulatory authorities in the districts and independent cities. For the enforcement of pollution control in the neighbourhood area (night sleep, Sunday rest, use of audio equipment, fireworks, air pollution, etc.) applies according to the corresponding Federal State Immission Control Act, the respective local regulatory authority. As an energy state, Brandenburg bears distinct responsibility for the compliance with national climate protection goals. The policy field of energy policy in Brandenburg is given priority by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. From the viewpoint of the environmental administration, they collect in particular specialist information on climate and climate change and process strategic issues regarding environmental and climate protection policy.

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