"Everyone shall have the right to protection of his or her integrity from injury and unreasonable endangerment which arises from the changes to the natural basis for life."

(Constitution of the State of Brandenburg)

Avoid the unmanageable and manage the avoidable - the current task of climate policy 

The countries of the Earth have accepted that the rise in the average global temperature by 2 degrees in comparison to the pre-industrial level must be limited in order to avoid the unmanageable. The chance to do this exists, as it has done in the past. However, the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans must be half as high as in 1990 by 2050 at the latest. For industrial countries this means a reduction of 80 to 90 per cent. 

The State Parliament of Brandenburg updated its state policy aims for climate protection in 2008. Brandenburg's aim is to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions by 40 per cent by 2020 and by a further 35 per cent by 2030 in comparison to 1990. Up until 2008 a reduction of around a 33 per cent was achieved.

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