Nature and Landscape Conservation


Brandenburg’s landscapes are its greatest treasure. Even in an area that with its rich nature has a special responsibility for the preservation of habitats and the protection of valuable plant and animal species, nature conservation and landscape maintenance are of central importance. Thus, conservation and land use are two sides of the same coin. A major concern is to incorporate land users, especially farmers and foresters, as partners for the preservation of habitats worth protecting and ensuring biodiversity.

In the area of funding, nature conservation is closely linked with agricultural support.

Due to its location, Brandenburg has, within the European ecological network Natura 2000, a special responsibility for the continental region and a variety of passage migrant and breeding birds in Germany.

The concept of territorial protection includes nature conservation and landscape protection areas, which are often located within the boundaries of the 15 national natural landscapes under whose umbrella a national park, three biosphere reserves and 11 nature parks are united.

Projects necessary for the economic development that are associated with adverse effects on nature and the landscape are expertly accompanied by the nature conservation authorities responsible so that damage is minimized as much as possible.

Through environmental education, an essential part of environment and nature protection in Brandenburg, the sense of responsibility towards nature and landscapes is awakened and the responsible use of natural assets encouraged.

The highest state authority in nature conservation is the Ministry, which sets up the framework for the specialised authority for nature conservation and landscape maintenance in the State Office for the Environment as the state authority or for the lower nature conservation authorities in the districts and towns.

The nature conservation efforts in Brandenburg are diversely aimed towards making the natural landscapes of Brandenburg accessible and tangible for the population.

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