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The Department of Press Officers and Public Relations, International Cooperation (Press Office) in the Ministry for Environment, Health and Consumer Protection is the first point of contact for the media, provides information about the work of the administration and supports public awareness campaigns in the area of health and the environment.


The legal basis for the work with the media is laid down in the Brandenburg State Press Act. Furthermore, the Press Office frequently receives enquiries from citizens, organisations and investors who are looking for a point of contact within the area of environment, health and consumer issues.

Press email
For representatives of the media, but also for all other interested parties, there is the possibility to subscribe to the Ministry's mailing list via or also to be removed from the list. Information about the work in the area of operations is sent via the mailing list in the form of press release and the announcement of important dates. It is not possible to send this information via fax. 

The Ministry's Press Office is in charge of the internet presence for the entire area of operations.


The list of publications of the Ministry and its related authorities and offices contains specialist titles as well as brochures which advertise in general the themes with which the ministry is concerned. They also provide information about the availability of the publications and how to order them. 

Under the Press Act, the Press Office has the overall responsibility for all in-house publications. In its function as a publisher the Ministry is obligated to be non-partisan. The ministry's printed matter may not be used for party political or election canvassing purposes.

The Brandenburg Agriculture and Environment Journal ("Brandenburger Agrar- und Umweltjournal") serves the large need for information by trade professionals and the general public. The State Environment Office has published the specialist journal Nature Protection and Rural Conservation ("Naturschutz und Landschaftspflege") since 1992 and it is sent to 1,500 subscribers in Germany and abroad.

Art exhibitions
As a Brandenburg state ministry, the MLUL also takes responsibility for the promotion of visual arts in the region. Art exhibitions are presented at two of the Ministry's offices in Potsdam.

In addition, the Ministry has an event calendar on the internet which contains not only dates from the entire area of operations but also thematically related events of third parties 

The Environment Ministry is responsible for or involved in a series of competitions and prizes related to specific fields. 
Two of these prizes are presented directly by the Press Office. Every uneven year the € 4,000 Brandenburg Environment Prize is awarded. The award is given to work which has a tangible positive effect on the environment and nature. 
In even years the  MLUL presents the € 5,000 Brandenburg Environmental Literary Prize for literary works dedicated to the environment.


The MLUL offers a point of contact for the area of internationale cooperation for partnership cooperation with other countries. Its role here is as an intermediary and supporter of joint projects in the areas of the environment, health and consumer protection.

The Head of the Department for "Press Officers and Public Relations, International Cooperation" is Dr. Jens-Uwe Schade.

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