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Legal Situation

Brandenburg's legislation is embedded in the legal regulations of the Federal Government and the EU. The federal states can make laws where the Federal Government does not have legislative authority or chooses not to exercise this authority.

The foundation of Brandenburg legislation is the State Constitution, which was passed on 14 June 1992 by a referendum.

Since it was convened in 1990, the State Parliament and passed numerous state laws. The laws have been supplemented by numerous administrative regulations. 

A selection of these legal regulations (laws, ordinances, edicts, notifications, orders and regulations) of the State of Brandenburg with reference to federal laws includes the following areas (see right).

For an overview of the electronic laws and ordinances of the state of Brandenburg is in its authentic and legally binding form under available. Unofficial versions are available in the country's legal database (BRAVORS) under

Federal legal regulations can be viewed at:

Bundesanzeiger Verlags-GmbH
Postfach 13 20
53003 Bonn

Further information on the topic of "environmental law" is offered by the Gesellschaft für Umweltrecht e.V. GfU, Society for Environmental Law).


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