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This cooperation contributes towards the economic development of Brandenburg and ensures the attractiveness of the area through an intact environment.

The Brandenburg Environmental Partnership is a cooperation project between business and the State Government. It promotes the environmentally friendly development of the economy. Additionally, it ensures that the interests of business are taken into consideration in environmental policy. The participants are businesses which are particularly environmentally conscious. The partnership opens up particular privileges for them.

The protection of the environment at commercial and industrial sites is ensured through an approval procedure under Immission Control Law. This tests the effects of site operations on the environment and approves operations which conform to the law.

In the context of these and other approval procedures, the legislature has stipulated that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) must be carried out with certain public and private projects. It establishes, describes and evaluates the environment effects of the project. The results of the EIA must be taken into account in the approval procedure.

The Stragegic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is an instrument under environmental law aimed at plans and programmes. It comes into effect at the start of the project at the planning level. The environmental impacts are set out in an environmental report. The results of the SEA must be taken into account in the establishment or alteration of plans and programmes.

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