Brandenburg's agricultural, environmental and forest management - structure


The organisation of the administration of the State of Brandenburg is determined by the State Organisation Act. The State Offices are divided into supreme state offices and higher state offices and lower state offices. The supreme state offices are the state ministries. The higher state ministries are immediately subordinate to a supreme state office and are responsible for the entire state.

Lower state offices are subordinate to higher state offices and are responsible for part of the state. Establishments of the state are legally dependent, organisationally separate parts of the state administration. Their activity is orientated towards the support of state offices. State services are legally dependent, organisationally separate parts of the state administration, which overwhelmingly fulfil economic activities which serve public purposes.

For the areas of rural development, environment, agriculture and forestry is / are:

  • Supreme state office:
    » Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture (MLUL),
  • Higher state office:
    » State Office for Environment (LfU),
    » State Office for Rural Development, Agriculture and Land Consolidation (LELF) 
  • State establishments: (para. 9 LOG)
    » State Forestry Service Brandenburg (LFB) 
    » Lower Oder Valley National Park (NLP UO)

The districts and town councils of the state under the special supervision of the ministry are transferred different compulsory obligations to be fulfilled under instruction (functional reform).

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