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Klimaschutz (© MLUL)Klimaschutz, Due to human activity, the average global air temperature at ground level has increased by 0.7 degrees in the last 40 years. At the same time, global sea levels rose by 10 to 25 cm. 

One of the main causes is the burning of sources of energy which contain carbon and which are predominantly of fossil origin. The carbon dioxide (CO2) created changes the composition of the Earth's atmosphere, so that warming due to solar radiation is happening to a greater degree than in pre-industrial times. CO2 remains present in the atmosphere for around 100 years and makes up 50 per cent of anthropogenic (i.e. caused by humans) greenhouse gases worldwide. 

The responsibility of the State of Brandenburg for climate protection is due to the level of CO2 emissions per inhabitant, among other things. The cause is the burning of almost 40 million tonnes of lignite per year to supply electricity for the state's own needs and to supply other federal states and neighbouring countries. Electricity generation using lignite results in very high CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour produced. Therefore a reduction in CO2 emissions caused by energy production is the foremost task for climate protection in Brandenburg.

Brandenburg's climate protection targets are, for the reasons given above, the reduction of CO2 emissions. In 2030 by 72 per cent (to 25 million tons per year) compared to 1990 levels. 

In order to implement these aims, Brandenburg has the following instruments at its disposal: increasing energy efficiency, increased use of renewable energy, emissions trading and possibly the capture and storage of CO2 from waste gases in the future.

The Environment Department has decision-making responsibility in the State for one of the most important policy instruments - the increased use of renewable energy. The State's aim is to increase the proportion of renewable energy for primary energy consumption to 20 per cent (= 120 PJ) by 2030.

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