Brandenburg Environmental Partnership

Together for Growth and Sustainability


In order to improve the basic conditions for environmentally-friendly, sustainable economic development in Brandenburg, the state government and business launched the Environmental Partnership in 1999. It is based upon an agreement which was updated in 2005 and 2010 between the ministries responsible for the environment and business, as well as Brandenburg's chambers of commerce and industry, the chambers of trades, and the Organisation of Employers' Associations in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Environmental protection is a task for the whole of society. It cannot be implemented solely through tax and legal sanctions, but also needs an active contribution from all those involved – especially business. Therefore the Brandenburg Environmental Partnership is focussed on businesses' individual responsibility for the sparing use of natural resources. In practical terms this means, for example, those who voluntarily decide to introduce a proven environmental management system profit from the numerous administrative simplifications, such as quicker approval procedures or fewer checks by the environmental authorities – and with EMAS certification there is even a reduction in charges for approval procedures under immissions control law.

The environmental partnership interprets its role as a means of close dialogue between business and administration. A permanent working group coordinates the regular exchange of information on all legislative procedures which are relevant to business. In this way the environmental administration can take into account the interests of Brandenburg's businesses with the formulation and application of laws. Already existing regulations can also be systematically simplified within this context. Personal contact also plays an important role here: the participants in the environmental partnership have a "hotline" to political decision makers.

In this manner, the Environmental Partnership makes use of business and administration equally. It brings the state government a step closer to its environmental aims. And its requirements strengthen the attractiveness of Brandenburg as a business location. As a network for environmentally-conscious and sustainable business, the Environmental Partnership is open to all businesses and business-related institutes in Brandenburg who voluntarily go beyond the basic legal standards with their environmental performance.

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