International Cooperation


The aim of international cooperation for the Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture is:

  • the building up and intensification of the administrative cooperation of the partnership. The core country is Poland, 
  • experience and information exchange, as well as joint problem solving of tasks regarding the specialist fields of the rural development, environment and agriculture with the aim of the development of a joint German-Polish border region, 
  • support of international cooperation by third parties, such as Brandenburg societies and associations and other represented interests, 
  • selected exchange of experiences with third party countries

The MRDEA interprets its role here first and foremost as an intermediary with:

  • the search for potential partners, 
  • the inclusion of state interests in the shaping of international cooperation 
  • the support of ideals and lobby work 
  • the support for tangible projects; the focus here lies on the measures of local authority and private agencies, above all in the Brandenburg-Polish border area.
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