Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture



The Ministry for Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture (MLUL) emerged from the 6th legislation period with the formation of the Brandenburg state government on 5th November 2014.

Jörg Vogelsänger (SPD) was appointed as Minister. He is a Member of Parliament in the Brandenburg Landtag.

The State Secretary in the department is  Dr. Carolin Schilde.

Head of the Press Office, where the press and public relations as well as the area of international cooperation are concentrated, is Dr. Jens-Uwe Schade.

The Ministry is the supreme state authority and is divided at the departmental level into the following areas of responsibility:

Belonging to the business segment of the Ministry are the Regional Office for Environment Brandenburg  (LfU) with its president Dirk Ilgenstein, the State Office for Rural Development, Agriculture and Land Consolidation (LELF) with its president Peter Hartig and the State Office Forst Brandenburg (LFB) with its director Hubertus Kraut as well as the Lower Oder Valley National Park (NLP UO) with its director Dirk Treichel.

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