State Secretary Dr. Carolin Schilde


State Secretary Dr. Carolin Schilde was born on 7th January 1964 in Schönberg, known today as Nordwestmecklenburg. She is married, has two children and lives in Potsdam.

She completed her studies at the University of Education (PH) Potsdam in 1987 with a Diplom degree in education for biology and chemistry. In 1992 she did her doctorate at the Institute of Physical Chemistry to become RNDr at the University of Potsdam. After further training for administrative services, she was first a desk officer in the project group pilot and demonstration projects in the field of extracurricular environmental education in the Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Regional Planning of Brandenburg.

This was followed by various positions as a desk officer in the state administration as well as a delegation to the Brandenburg Landtag in 2003 as a desk officer in the expert panel for Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Regional Planning of the SPD parliamentary group.

From 2005 on, Dr. Schilde worked as Head of the Minister’s Office in the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Consumer Protection.

After the regional elections in 2009, she served as Head of Division in the Office of Rural Development / Supreme Land Consolidation Authority at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture (MIL), since 2011 as Head of Division in the Office of Fundamental Issues of Rural Development, Agriculture and Legal Matters.

In 2014, Dr. Schilde became Head of Department for Rural Development, Agriculture and Forestry in MIL and Chairperson of the Foundation Council in the State Foundation Brandenburg Main and County Stud Neustadt/Dosse.

Since the new formation of the state government for the 6th Brandenburg legislative period on 5th November 2014, Dr. Carolin Schilde has been the State Secretary in the Ministry for Rural Development, Environment and Agricultur.

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Dr. Carolin Schilde (© Fabian Schellhorn)

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