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Neues Fenster: Bild vergrößernMessstationen zur Überwachung der Luftqualität © LfUThe monitoring of air quality in Brandenburg takes place via an automatic air quality measurement network under the EU-wide guidelines and on the basis of a concept validated by the Brandenburg Environment Ministry.

Up-to-date measurement values of the pollutants ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulates (PM10), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and carbon monoxide (CO), are promptly published on the State Agricultural and Environmental Information System (LUIS-BB). (air data) Download

These results are accompanied by a set of applicable limit values, as well as monthly and annual analyses.

For this continual air monitoring, the State Office of Environment operates the automatic air quality measurement network with

  • 15 stations to monitor the air in towns and in rural areas,
  • 4 stations to monitor the air in areas close to traffic

and is complemented by temporary stations or measurement vehicles with special tasks, for example such as:

  • Monitoring of fair pollution, especially particulate matter at designated traffic areas (currently 3 stations),
  • Determination of emissions in the vicinity of large livestock and industrial facilities (currently 1 station),
  • Determination of the particulate matter exposure in sensitive ecosystems.

In addition, there are measuring points for determining the substances in dust precipitation / in the deposition. More than 100 measuring devices deliver up to 12,000 measured values daily, which are automatically transmitted to the LfU’s central measuring network, checked and published from there.

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