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Industrieanlage (© Digitalpress, Josef Müllek, facilities and business enterprises that have a particular impact on the environment are authorized by the State Office for the Environment (LfU). The authorization is integrated. It includes other legal permits (e. g. water, building, workplace safety authorizations and permits).

In some cases an environmental impact study must be done for the project. A notification procedure determines whether the intended changes to an installation requiring approval require renewed approval (change authorization). 

Adequate official installation monitoring will determine whether the required precautionary measures and protection against harmful environmental impacts are being maintained. Within the framework of a monitoring concept, the responsible authorities do on-site monitoring and check the measurement reports on emissions and immissions. The measurements themsleves are conducted by intermediaries as determined by the § 26 Federal Polution Control Act (BImSchG). 

For installations that fall under the category of the EU Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) additional requirement must be fulfilled as of May 2013, including monitoring of the installation and reporting. The requirements for installation monitoring are set down in a Monitoring Plan for the State of Brandenburg for the State of Brandenburg, which also includes the IED depots, waste-water management facilities and indirect discharge. 

For business enterprises with hazardous materials in excess of certain threshold quantities a further Hazardous Incident Ordinance is also valid. Accordingly these businesses have particular requirements to avoid and limit the effects of hazardous incidents. The business enterprises are subject to a cross-authority monitoring program and may be subject to safety inspections by qualified experts according to § 29a BImSchG. 

Information about selected installation types can be found in our Overview

The levels hazardous emissions are put out by the industrial facilities in your area can be easily found by interested citizens in the German pollutant emissions register PRTR. In addition the Federal Environmental Agency launched the Internet portal on December 12, 2012. There one can access the data of more than 5,000 businesses. In Brandenburg there is data for 202 enterprises, of which 59 are involved in waste-management and waste-water disposal.

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