Soil Geology


Soil geology is gaining ever more importance for the area of the environment with regard to basic public services and risk avoidance. 

The State Office for Mining, Geology and Raw Materials (LGBR) as a subordinate institution to the Federal Ministry of Economics runs a specialist ground geology information system in which particularly soil horizon and area-related data on characteristics and features and its substrata arising from state records of soil studies are included. The competent authority prepares geological and thematic documents about the soil down to the deepest bedrock as a basis for planning and infrastructure development. 

Information on ground geology is available in state-wide and partially in regional scale at the LBGR (state records of ground geology, specialist ground geology information system, geological map, ground overview map at 1:300,000 "BÜK 300"). 

The functional supervision of ground and hydro geology is discharged jointly with the Ministry of Economy and Energy (MWE)

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