Nature Protection and Landscape Protection Areas


Brandenburg is rich in landscapes and habitats which are particularly worthy of protection. These areas are worth protecting due to their near-natural state, the occurrence of biocoenosis or habitats of rare, wild animal and plant species or their diversity and rarity, outstanding beauty and particular unique character. Areas are placed under protection to maintain and develop these characteristics, in the case of acute or potential danger, as well as to maintain and restore the ecological balance in general.

Hinweisschild NaturschutzgebietHinweisschild Naturschutzgebiet Nature Protection Areas and Landscape Protection Areas form the foundations of the protected areas system in the State of Brandenburg. The basis for designating Nature Protection and Landscape Protection Areas is the Federal Act for the Protection of Nature (BnatSchG) and the Brandenburg Nature Protection Implementation Law (BbgNatSchAG). 

The Ministry for Environment, Health and Consumer Protection (MUGV) or the subordinate nature protection offices of the districts and municipalities undertake the designation of Protection Areas in an official process.

Natur Protected Areas:

A Nature Protection Area is an area of landscape which requires the particular protection of animals and plants and their habitats. It is a legally-binding fixed area which serves to maintain the biocoenosis or habitats of wild animals and plant species, for ecological reasons or due to its rarity or its outstanding beauty. 

In order to achieve this aim, the recreational use of Nature Protection Areas is regulated, for example (e.g. pathway rules or a ban on allowing dogs to wander freely), or stipulations regarding uses for agriculture, forestry or fisheries are necessary. 

The State of Brandenburg offers compensation payments for restrictions on agricultural usage. 

Parts of the Nature Protection Areas can be completely taken out of agricultural use as natural development areas. Most Nature Protection Areas are also important as fauna and flora habitats (FFH) or bird sanctuaries.

Landscape Protection Areas:

Landscape Protection Areas are legally-binding fixed areas which expressly serve to maintain and restore the effectiveness of nature and the landscape, maintain the ecological balance, as well as to protect or maintain the landscapes, maintain the diversity, character and beauty of the landscape as a whole or its importance for recreation in a near-natural setting. They can include the protection of habitats of wild animal and plant species. 

The regulations on Landscape Protection Areas contain bans and planning restrictions which protect the landscape area from damage, for example due to building work or infrastructure projects. The use of the land in its previous form remains possible. 

The downloads at the side allow you to open maps and also see some of the Protection Area regulations.

Further information:

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