The Water Balance and Water Resources Management


The water balance in an area contrasts the gains in the form of precipitation against the outgoings in the form of outward flow and evaporation. In addition, water can be retained in different reservoirs - in lakes or as groundwater - or also be released again from these reservoirs. 

When compared nationally, Brandenburg with an average of 558mm precipitation is one of the driest federal states. 

Currently, climate calculations predict that Brandenburg will see an increase in the average temperature with annual precipitation remaining about the same. This change in climate will be reflected in the water balance due to an increase in evaporation and decreased outward flow. 

The management of Brandenburg's waters through extraction, discharge and storing can have an even bigger influence on the water balance. 

The water level and outward flow in Brandenburg's surface waters is recorded by a state-wide measuring network. With the aid of the data obtained, statements can be made on acute hydrological events and on temporary developments.

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