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With the policy areas mentioned in its very name, the Ministry for Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture has a prominent responsibility for the state. In the 6th legislative period of the Brandenburg Landtag (2014 – 2019), the highest agricultural and environmental administration is reunited under one roof. The thematic proximity, the affected stakeholders in the rural area and finally also the fact that the environmental sector has its main funding pools in the area of agricultural administration speak in favour of this union of agriculture and environment.

The Ministry sees itself on one side and explicitly as the contact partner for stakeholders in rural areas – thus, reacting to challenges and enquiries are not the only tasks belonging to an administration department but also actively developing solutions with community groups tailored to the needs of the state. On the other side are biodiversity, agriculture, forest, air, soil and water cross-cutting issues which concern each and everyone. In the current legislative period, the state government is setting priorities alongside education and science, especially in areas that are prerequisites for the further construction of state infrastructure (e.g. dyke construction and water management) and economic development (e.g. emissions control).

The local economy and service sector benefit from funding programmes compiled in the Ministry for improvement of the rural infrastructure, fed from EU, federal and state funds. Rural development can thus contribute to living in the country remaining as an attractive liveable alternative to life in the city and that people keep their lives centred in the village. In the end, not only the people of Brandenburg get something out of it, but also the many visitors to the state. Thus, Rural Development is not accidentally placed next to Environment and Agriculture in the Ministry’s name – it also stands as a link for the many facets of comprehensive development of the state of Brandenburg.

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