Environmental Protection in General


Environmental law on the one hand consists of provisions that are oriented towards specific environmental media or areas of expertise (e.g. water law, soil conservation law, waste legislation, emissions control law). On the other hand there are general regulations serving the interdisciplinary environment protection and instruments that can be attributed in large part to corresponding directives of the European Union.

The instrument of the Environmental Assessment (EIA – Environmental Impact Assessment and SEA – Strategic Environmental Assessment) ensures that in the authorisation of certain public and private projects as well as in the establishment and modification of plans and programmes the environmental impact will be assessed and considered.

On the basis of the Environmental Appeals Act, recognised environmental associations are given the opportunity, in the interest of environmental protection, to play a part in processes with special significance for the environment and assert compliance with environmental regulations even in court.

An entitlement of the citizens regulated in the Environmental Information Act of Brandenburg for access and provision of official environmental information should provide transparency and participation by the public in environment-related decisions and thereby strengthen environmental protection.

If the environment is damaged, it is a general rule to clarify the question of environmental liability. The Environmental Damage Act makes regulations for responsibilities, official authorisation and remediation obligations, insofar as more specific legislative provisions do not already apply.

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